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As summer approaches, the UK festival scene gets into full swing.

The LCS team love to “bust a move” to live music, so we were delighted to be approached to produce extra large signage stencils for this year’s Parklife Festival in Heaton Park, Manchester.

The large stencil signs were applied directly to an exterior brick wall and are a perfect example of how effective large spraypainting stencils can be; the Desperados Clubhouse could be seen through the crowds from every corner of the festival.

Signage stencils are an easy and effective solution for many of the temporary signs used when holding a large scale event. Custom wall stencils can be used as part of a marketing campaign or for promotional advertising, as well as for directional signs, price lists and menus, and can be applied not just to walls but on grass, wood and even sand.

If you would like further information about signage stencils or how stencils can be used at your event have a look on our extra large stencils page.

If you need help or advice on how to use wall or logo stencils there's advice in the videos on our 'How to' page..