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Are you opening a new coffee shop, café, wine bar or restaurant? Have you considered stencils to enhance your interior design, branding or signage? 

Laser Cutting Services have over 30 year experience as a premier stencil manufacturer and can guide you from concept and design to application. 

We are always on hand to answer your questions and our handy “How to” step by step videos are available 24 hours a day to assist you further.

Good branding is one of the most important aspects of any new business. Logo stencils can be made to any size, for use both indoors and out. We can even make your logo into coffee, cake or cocktail stencils.

This extra large menu stencil was made form really small letters and would work on interior or exterior walls.

Text stencils are a perfect way of presenting clear and uniform information. Whether you want to stencil coffee shop exterior signage and chalkboards, rest room directions or to stencil the interior walls with fun quotes or anecdotes for your customers to enjoy, our team will assist you to ensure that the font, size and layout are just right.

Our stencil design team work frequently with designers to assist their achieving a client’s vision. Bespoke repeat patterns can be made into large wall stencils in order to achieve a wallpaper effect, or your menu could become a wall feature using temporary or permanent chalk paint.

Whatever your vision, the LCS team will assist you in producing a stencil that meets your requirements, however big or complex the project may be.  If you require a custom stencil for your next project there's more info on our custom stencils page