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Good branding is one of the most important aspects of any business.

.An effective stencilling campaign increases sales and gives you a major edge over your competitors.

Increasing brand awareness doesn’t have to be complex or expensive.

The Laser Cutting Services team recently completed a project for an independent optician who wanted to add a little something extra to their waiting room refreshments.

The team were asked to produce custom cappuccino stencils using the optician’s logo. The stencils were made from 350 micron food grade polyester film, which were perfect for dusting with cocoa.

Cappuccino coffee stencils are a simple, fun and cost effective way to promote your brand.

So, contact us today and take advantage of our Cappuccino Stencil Package. You can get more info on our food & drinks stencil page

There's also advice on using coffee stencils in this 'how to' coffee stencils video.