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Surely the design of the cocktail was perfected when some genius made getting pleasantly tipsy this fancy, right?

Well, think again! We set out to achieve the unachievable and intensify fanciness levels with our new range of cocktail branding stencils. Your drinks can be appreciated as pieces of art again and again...until you start seeing double, when we suggest you stop.

We hooked up with Camarena, Wilmslow; a stylish new bar, to showcase our talents at creating customised artwork and branding for an assortment of new cocktail recipes with our stencils. Working with the Camarena team: Kelly Wimbleton the General Manager, Becka, the Supervisor, and most especially Lawrence, the mixologist, to create quite a few delicious, brand new cocktail recipes to enjoy.

Here are a couple of the new recipes...

The ‘Camarena Daisy Cocktail’

  • Edinburgh Raspberry Gin
  • St. Germaine Elderflower liqueur
  • Rose syrup
  • Egg white mix
  • Stencil: "Daisy petal"

The ‘Camarena Kiss Cocktail’

  • Chambord
  • Vanilla essence
  • Amaretto
  • Double cream
  • Stencil: “Kiss”

If you know your cocktails, you might notice that we’ve opted for ingredients which create a thick foamy top. Resting our stencils on the rim and sprinkling through helps leave a sharp outline. For more info on how to use our stencils, here's another helpful  'how to' video.

At first, Lawrence was hesitant toward using our stencils, but after no time at all, he was singing our praises at the results. Our solid branding and intricate artwork both left their mark on staff and patrons, providing a lasting impression and fond memories of where they saw “that very fancy cocktail".

If you have a drinks stencil project of your own there's also more info on our food & drinks stencils page.


Facebook : Camarena, Wilmslow

Twitter: @camarenaSK9