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We were approached recently for Year of the Dog coffee stencils for Chinese New Year.

 Value Retail, owners of  luxury brand shopping outlets in the UK, China, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy , Spain and Belgium wanted a ‘Year of the Dog’ Stencil for use in store and VIP lounges at  ‘Bicester Village Collection’ outlets in all these countries.

These coffee stencils are made from PETG, a clear glossy thermo-plastic, making application in varied size cups or mugs really easy. This material is food grade and therefore safe for use in contact with food.  You can sprinkle cocoa, powdered chocolate or icing sugar onto hot frothy coffee or hot chocolate to fantastic effect!

As a high volume stencil manufacturer, the quantities were easily achievable and were delivered to each outlet. The reaction has been great:

“We have tried it with the sample you sent to us earlier…this initiative has generated good feedback and it looks great. We are also promoting this on our China website   https://thecollection.yioulai.com/events/chinesenewyear

Fei Deng, Brand Manager, Value Retail China.

For details on getting your own logo made as a coffee stencil and for more information, check out our dedicated food and drink stencils page 

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