How to Use Stencils to Create Promotional Street Art

How to Use Stencils to Create Promotional Street Art

We recently completed a selection of bold unconventional custom chalk spray street stencils for a street art campaign promoting novelist Malorie Blackman.

Working with Jack Agency, the stencils for this ambient campaign were made from 350 micron polyester film.  The stencils were made in layers layered street stencils were used with temporary chalk spray paint to create bright and multi coloured, contemporary promotional street art chalk murals. The layered stencils allowed various colours to be applied for maximum impact. The final result was extremely popular and helped to draw in the crowds at Waterstones Tottenham branch in London.

Street stencils are becoming ever popular method, now that spring is on its way, to promote events, marketing campaigns, exhibitions and products.

Logos, pictures and straplines can be laser cut from various thicknesses of plastic 'Mylar' giving you flexible, durable and reusable street stencils for repeated use in multiple locations.

You can also 

Read more about Jack Arts' ambient street campaign.

If you are looking for street advertising stencils for your own project there's more info on our dedicated custom stencils page.

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