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An offshore helideck identification stencil for the Wood Group

At a glance specifics

  • Material used - 350 micron polyester film
  • Height of each letter 1960mm
  • Each letter split into 2 pieces 980mm x 1450mm
  • Overall design span 10798mm x 1960mm

The Enquiry

The Wood Group, a leading consulting and engineering company, made an enquiry for us to create a helideck identification stencil they could use to brand an off-shore helideck.

Once the dimensions had been confirmed, the design team created a mock up of the stencil. Materials were discussed with the team, and 350 micron polyester film was chosen for the project.

350 micron polyester film is often used for extra large industrial projects where the stencil may need to be reused. Flexible, if it needs to be rolled, but will also lie flat with some assistance.


  • Design - The design of the stencil is key to minimize any application issues
  • Manuacturing - The logistics of space, cutting sequence and best use of materials
  • Delivery - The logistics of delivery including weight constraints, packing preference (rolled or flat) and time-frame
  • Application - Challenges with keeping the stencil flat, and in the right sequence for application


  1. Our team designed an easy to use stencil
    Our design team are skilled at creating a stencil which is easy to position, in workable pieces.
  2. We work well in our production space
    The production team cut each piece of the stencil in a sequence, which is then labelled, crosschecked and packed.
  3. We find the best solution for fast, reliable delivery
    Depending on the size and weight of the stencil, we find the best delivery option which will get there safely and on time. This stencil had to be packed flat, so we used hardboard to support the stencil in transit. Some other helipad stencils need to be rolled, to allow for easy transport on the helipad itself.
  4. Application
    A handy instructional guide is included to show exactly how each piece will be put together and registration points are included in our design for ease. We can also cut anchor points in the actual stencil where tape is used to help keep the stencil flat. Additionally, weights can be used to help this process.