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Social distancing stencils - follow social distancing measures, please stay 2 metres apart

Social Distancing Stencils

Social Distancing reminders for areas with heavy footfall, crowds, queues or outdoor spaces.

Social Distancing Stencils

We make stencils suitable for all social distancing signage and needs, for use both inside and out. Stencils can be used on country paths, concrete paths, playgrounds, roads, grass, walls, in fact any surface, it all depends on the paint used during application.

Stencils are a quick and easy way to implement social distancing guidelines. They are easily applied with chalk spray paint (or any paint suitable for the application surface), and with our quick turnaround time your custom stencils will be with you within 2 - 3 days.

Manufactured in the UK and made from re-usable sheet plastic, our stencils are easy to clean and store.

It couldn’t be easier to order your custom stencil. Either by completing our contact us for or by emailing us at [email protected] Just remember to provide us with the following information:

  1. Your design or required message
  2. Your stencil size requirements or the size of the application space
  3. The application surface or end use

Social Distancing Stencils overview

Custom designs

Laser Cutting Services offers a bespoke cutting service which allows you to custom design your stencil to suit your requirements. Your stencil can be any size and customised to your needs.

Use anywhere

Your stencil is made from reusable and washable Polyester film, can be used with many different paints on most substrate bases - painted surfaces, wood, stone, concrete, mono-block, metal and we custom make to any size - there is no limit.

Application advice

We have a selection of how to videos available (scroll down) and we are always just a phone call away to provide further advice.

Social distancing stencil - please stay 2 metres apart

Easy to apply

Secure stencil in position with weights or low tac tape

Check alignment with spirit level or measuring tape

Spray with your choice of paint or chalk

Social distancing stencil - applying red chalk spray

Suitable for chalk spray or paint

Apply with chalk spray for temporary use

Use paint for hard wearing or permanent use

Social distancing stencil - applying yellow chalk spray

Designed for multiple use

Stencils can be cleaned and reused

Social Distancing Stencils - Key features

  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for chalk spray or paint
  • Fast 2-3 day turnaround
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Designed for multiple use
  • Manufactured in the UK

Social Distancing Stencil Application

Our social distancing stencils can be used on many different surfaces. We aim to ensure you get good results, so please ask if you need any help and advice:

  • Surfaces - walls, floors, grass, furniture, pavements or roads
  • Weights - small sand bags can be used on flat surfaces
  • Positioning - Repositionable spraymount can be used
  • Alignment - we can advise re vertical/ horizontal placement
  • Application - chalkspray, sponge, brush or roller

If you need more help check out our How To videos.

Multi coloured social distancing stencil being applied to a green at Darwin Escapes
Check out how easy it is to apply social distancing stencils with chalk spray.

Great to see our social distancing stencils being used to get the golf greens back open.

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