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Graffiti Stencils for Street Art Advertising


road marking street graffiti stencil for major sporting event
Can my artwork design be made as a street graffiti stencil?

Yes, we take your artwork and convert to a graffiti stencil for street advertising in many outdoor locations. Our road marking stencils logo branded the Tour of Britain. Street stencils are used by councils for dog fouling campaigns, in school playgrounds and for government awareness projects. Media agencies use street advertising for publicising products, musical promotions, signage and logos during major sporting events.

Can my road marking stencil be made to the size I need?

Yes, we break down your image into stencil sheets and add registration marks for alignment so making the maximum length/height limitless. We advise if mulit-layer or mulit-part stencils are required.

Many clients use street stencils for a super quick advertising campaign – a quote, tweet, hashtag or directions –to a venue or sporting event.

Using Street graffiti stencils

Road marking stencils
Road marking stencils
Spray paint stencils

There are various types of paint and chalk – temporary or semi-permanent.

We can help you choose whether for a ‘Tour of…’ road marking campaign or when calculating maximum impact when viewed from the sky/TV cameras.

Reverse graffiti stencils
Reverse graffiti stencils
Sports pitch stencils

Street advertising is a great solution to apply an image on the street and remove quickly for one day flash events.

Your stencil will work with all proprietary brands of spray paint and chalkspray. We can advise on best methods.

Pavement stencils
Pavement stencils
Applying chalk spray stencils

We provide the appropriate overspray border.

Secure the stencil with a strong tape while chalk spray is applied. Take care not to spray too close and keep the can moving. It is easy to apply too much. An initial test practice will help.

Dog fouling stencils
Dog fouling stencils
Dog poo stencils

City councils come to us for their clean campaign stencils. These can be supplied from A3 upwards for use on walls, streets and pavements.

Polyester film is flexible so they can be used to apply your “Clean it up” message to lampposts.

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Which material?

  • Whether for pavement, street or road we make your street graffiti stencils from varying thicknesses of Polyester film.
  • For most street advertising, we advise 350 or 500 micron (0.35 or 0.5mm).
  • Some larger stencils can be manufactured from HIPs. We can also provide the cut outs on request.


Size and quantity?

  • We make street stencils from small A3 to extra-large at 100 metres plus.
  • Registration points are added to large multi part stencils to enable easy alignment of your logo or text.
  • If you have multiple sites, we recommend extra copies to speed up the process and lessen paint build up.


Need some advice?

  • Secure your chalk spray stencils with strong tape while paint is applied. Over several applications, paint can build up.
  • For best results clean regularly with suitable solvent and a soft brush to avoid damaging the stencil.
  • If you need to know more or are ready to order – contact us now.


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