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Custom Stencils for Logo branding


Fevertree logo stencil
Can my company logo be made as a stencil?

Yes, send us your artwork or text and we will make recommendations and send a quote to custom personalise to the dimensions/ quantity you require.

Where can I use my custom personalised logo stencils?

Stencils can be used in interior and external locations. Many industries and agencies use stencils as a quick and effective method to advertise on office walls, floors and buildings, in window displays and shop fit-outs.

Stencilling your company logo, clear identification markings or packaging signs can be achieved with or without any need for artistic flair. We give clear application instructions and recommendations for particular application surfaces.

We can supply branding stencils for flat or curved surfaces, from tall buildings to shipping containers, rendered walls, concrete floors, wooden pallets, packaging boxes, pipes and barrels.

Using Logo Stencils

Multi-part logo stencils
Multi-part logo stencils
Large Scale Projects

We specialise in making extra large stencils that can be as long as 100 metres - or more! These are made up of sheets 1500 x 1000mm and have clear registration marks for easy alignment.

Chalk spray stencils
Chalk spray stencils
Sporting Events

We work with councils and agencies to promote sporting events or to simply get a message across. We can advise on temporary and permanent paint application solutions, on any surface.

Stencilling logos
Stencilling logos
Industrial signs

When painting stencils, repositioning glue and strong duck take or masking tape will help to hold the stencil in position while paint is applied on your metal or wood hoarding or skip/machinery.

Stencilled paint techniques
Stencilled paint techniques
Interior or exterior walls

Advertising stencils can be used with water based paints, spray painting and sponging techniques. Using stencils to promote brand awareness on your wall or floor space is achieved quickly and effectively.

Chat to us about your logo stencil -
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Which material?

  • We advise on the best choice of material to make your stencils. For repeat application we recommend the industry standard, polyester ‘Mylar’.
  • We have a range from paper thin 75 micron film to a heavier duty thickness of 500 micron. We hold a wide stock of various stencil materials to ensure a quick turnaround and delivery.
  • As an example, a clear or semi opaque 125micron film is light and very flexible. This would be suitable where there is fine detail.
  • If marking skips and similar heavy industrial machinery, we would use 500 – 2000 micron.


Size and quantity?

  • We have a range from paper thin 75 micron film to a heavier duty thickness of 500 micron.
  • Tell us how and where you will be applying your stencils and we will help you decide how many you may need.
  • Over several applications, paint can build up and dry on the stencil which will affect the results. Paint may leak behind creating an unevenly painted edge to the stencil logo or text.
  • If you need to mark up a lot of items, we recommend having more than one to speed up the process.


Need some advice?

  • If you need to know more or want to chat about your stencilling project you can either call us to discuss or contact us by either emailing or filling in our online enquiry form.
  • You can use your logo stencils on many varied surfaces and objects: shipping containers, pallets, skips, blackboards, shop-fronts, cafes, crates, packaging, exhibition stands, display panels, t-shirts, clothing - even planes, trains, automobiles!
  • Paint build can be reduced with regular cleaning of your stencil, during the process of multiple applications.
  • If you need advice, please ask.


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About LCS

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