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Giant Stencils for Large Scale Projects


Extra large Emirates Spinnaker Tower stencil
Can my large scale artwork be made as a stencil?

Yes, we are highly skilled and experienced in making large letters, text or logo stencils for large scale, logistically and geographically challenging projects. We make large stencils for your wall, building, tower, hoarding or panels - in mulit-part or mulit-layer. A site visit may be required to ensure we recommend the best techniques and application.

Can my large stencils be made to the size I need?

We take your large scale artwork and break it down into stencil sheets, or continuous lengths, with registration marks for alignment making the maximum length and height pretty limitless! Our Mylar stencils can be used inside or outside and we are happy to advise on application. Our giant logo letter stencils have been used by abseilers on a 350 metre tower so the possibilities are endless. Send in your artwork - we like a challenge!

Many clients use these ultra large stencils for an art installation, legacy project, wall mural advertising or to showpiece a brand name many feet up in the air.

Using Extra large scale stencils

Multi part stencils
Multi part stencils
Legacy projects

Working closely with you, your project manager and paint contractor, we manufacture multi part stencils with registration points to enable easy alignment of your logo or text and to give images 100 Metres+.

Large scale spray-painting
Large scale spray-painting
Large surfaces

We work with distilleries breweries and agencies on wall and carpark signage or for event promotion. We can advise on suitable paints and recommend application methods for any surface.

Extra large letter stencils
Extra large letter stencils
Advertising signs

We liaise, recommend and assist with logistics and application issues: providing best advice on positioning and securing while applying your large stencils and how to avoid leakage and overspray.

Paint techniques
Paint techniques
Interior or exterior walls

We work closely with commercial decorators/ designers regarding selected paints for you large scale project. Large scale stencils can be cut as positive shapes or negative holes for best ease of application.

Chat to us about your large scale project -
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Which material?

  • Tall buildings and structures require careful assessment and liaison with you, your contractor paint specialist. We have the required skills to advise on the best material for large scale stencils. We recommend polyester film ‘Mylar’, the industry standard.
  • Large scale projects are usually laser cut from 350 micron although some will require thicker and more robust, 500 micron, or a mix.
  • Some projects require specialist performance material – we often specify ‘Tyvek’ for its lightness, manoeuvrability and tear-free properties.


Size and quantity?

  • We make your large scale projects stencils from multiple sheets allowing us to provide stencils with no height or length/ width restraints. We can provide one or multiple.
  • Once we have determined the recommended application method for your particular surface we can recommend how many stencils you may need.
  • If you need to mark up a lot of items, we suggest having more than one stencil to speed up the process. (Over several applications, paint can build up and dry on the stencil casing leakage or an unevenly painted edge to the stencil logo or text).


Need some advice?

  • Let us know what your brief is - whether your large scale project is for a high tower, a jump-form, the entire side of a building or to be filmed from the air for TV, we have masses of experience and the skills and expertise to help.
  • Large scale stencils can provide the best solution to achieving the most impressive branding, signage or installation project.
  • If you need to know more or want to chat about your large scale project and stencils fit the brief, call us to discuss or contact us by either emailing or filling in our online enquiry form.


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