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Bespoke personalised custom made stencils


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Can my design be made as a custom stencil?

Yes - we take your artwork (or can design for you) and make it into a bespoke custom made stencil.

We can laser cut all types of stencil designs in our stencil studio. See the different types of stencils we cut on the links below. This will help you explore which stencil cutting service you need. You can see more stencils we cut in our stencil cutting library.

We have 20 years of creative and technical expertise; we can provide any shape, size or quantity of stencils. We are specialists in high volume stencils, mulit part or multi-layer stencils for industry, commerce, media, retail and the performance industries.

Can I get my custom stencil quickly?

Yes – we offer a fast quote response and super fast stencil delivery. (Next day service available). Just ask.

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Which custom stencil do I need?

Logo stencils
Logo stencils
Advertise your company brand

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Large scale stencils
Large scale stencils
Large text letters or images

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Coffee stencils
Coffee stencils
On cappuccinos or cakes

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Street graffiti stencils
Street graffiti stencils
Chalk-spray your message

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Whisky stencils
Whisky stencils
For casks or distillery walls

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Bakery stencils
Bakery stencils
On cakes or dessert plates

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Body stencils
Body stencils
With airbrush, sponge or brush

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Clean advertising stencils
Clean advertising stencils
Jet wash for quick impact

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Chat to us about your custom stencils -
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Email 01360 850389

Which material?

  • We have the required skills to advise on the best material for custom stencil projects. We use polyester film ‘Mylar’, as our standard material.
  • We offer from 0.75 micron, as used in performance industries/for bodyart, to 2000 micron giving stencils that are up to 2mm thick. As used in industry and commerce.
  • All our stencils are flexible, durable and re-useable depending on thickness required. Stencils are usually supplied flat however we can roll as required.


Size and quantity?

  • We make your custom personalised stencils from multiple sheets allowing us to provide stencils any height or length/width.
  • The best method of application depends on substrate you are applying to. Once we know this we can recommend how many stencils you will need.
  • If you are applying your image many times, we can recommend how many copies you will require per stencil. With repeated application paint can build up on the stencil causing leakage or an uneven edge.


Need some advice?

  • We love to hear about your projects - whether you require logo stencils for a street graffiti campaign or for 300 metre tower, we have the skills, experience and expertise to help you.
  • Custom stencils can provide a quick and easy solution whether for logo branding, street graffiti, signs, commercial installations or all over temporary body tattoos.
  • If you require more information or need us to design personalised artwork for your custom stencils, give us a call.


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About LCS

Sarah stared her business over 20 years ago, making stencils and providing laser cutting to companies and designers all over the world.

She is supported by an able team of creatives, marketeers and techy whizzes who ensure you get a quality product on time.