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Custom jet wash stencils for clean advertising


Jet wash your message and website in the street with a stencil
Can my artwork design be made as a clean advertising stencil?

Yes, we take your artwork and make in to a jet wash stencil, giving you a super quick method of achieving a fast response. Clean advertising is best for a super quick campaign: Logos, text, tweets, hashtags or directional information. Pressure washing blasts away grime from a dirty pavement, street, driveway or car park.

Our clean advertising stencils have been used to logo brand, sporting events, music promotions and all manner of marketing stunts.

Can my jet wash stencil be made to the size I need?

We make pressure wash stencils from A3 to 1500 x 1000mm. We can make larger from multi sheets or a different material, making the maximum width/ height limitless. We advise on settings for your pressure washer and if any pre application preparation is required.

Using clean advertising stencils

Clean advertising stencils
Clean advertising stencils
Your logo

Clean graffiti stencils are a great way to promote your brand on roads, streets, pavements – in cities or around a sports stadium.

Used by retail, events promotion to advertise an event, hashtag, tweet or message across - #lasercutit

Pressure wash stencils
Pressure wash stencils
Applying clean stencils

We recommend low to medium setting on the jet washer. Clean stencils can be applied with no additional adhesive.

Your campaign has maximum impact when applied to a dirty pavement. They can also be applied in the rain.

Reverse graffiti stencils
Reverse graffiti stencils
Multiple use

There is no limit to the number of times you can use your clean graffiti stencil as we make in 500 micron film.

For more than one team we recommend extra copies. Application is quick and easy to quickly pressure jet wash your way across a city.

Jet wash stencils
Jet wash stencils
Your message here

All you need is a pressure washer and your logo message stencil to quickly get an instant response to your street advertising campaign.

We make street stencils for music and event promotion, media and sports agencies.

Chat to us about clean advertising stencils -
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Which material?

  • Whether for pavement, street or road we make your clean advertising stencils from varying thicknesses of Polyester film.
  • Clean advertising stencils are usually laser cut from 500 micron (0.5mm) although if you are using for repeat applications, and require more robust, we can manufacture your stencil from 1000 (1mm) or 2000 micron (2mm).
  • We can make your stencil with extra overspray border if required.


Size and quantity?

  • We would recommend no smaller than A2 for a reverse graffiti stencil and can make up to A1, from one sheet of Polyester film.
  • If you are doing a hi volume campaign, we can recommend how many stencils you may need per team and recommend settings/application advice for your particular surface.
  • We can manufacture from one to thousands of stencils. Just ask and we will get a quick quote over to you.


Need some advice?

  • We package your stencil for best ease of application your end. We advise on positioning and securing your stencil. Most stencils are sent flat – let us know if you require rolled.
  • Let us know what your brief is - whether you require jet wash stencils for a sporting event or advertising/music promotion, we are laser cutting experts.
  • Need more info or if you are ready to order – contact us now.


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About LCS

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