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Custom stencils for bodyart, body painting and airbrushing


Body art stencils modelled for Body Art Show London
Can my design be made as a body art stencil?

Yes, we take your artwork and convert to a body painting stencil. These body stencils can be logos, text or Germanic symbols or we can supply sheets of an ‘all over’ repeat pattern design, as used for the leopard print modelled at The Body Art Trade Show.

Our body art stencils have been used extensively by airbrush and temporary tattoo suppliers, at trade shows, on fashion shoots and for celebrity party events. We have supplied temporary body tattoos to make-up designers working on major movies or stage productions; as seen in the temporary tattoo for Opera North make-up department.

Can my body stencil be made to the size I need?

Yes, we can supply any size - to be positioned as desired. Repeat pattern sheets can be any A size or sized to suit your custom specification.

Using bodyart stencils

Temporary tattoos
Temporary tattoos
Multi section stencils

We can break down your design; this eagle was split into sections, allowing the make-up designer to easily repeat application for multiple performances.

We can work with you or your costume/make-up designer on the processes.

Airbrush stencils
Airbrush stencils
All over design

Body stencils can be made in sheets of film to cover larger areas at one time.

We can cut into your stencil template to create darts, as in a pattern piece. Where left and right stencils are required we can make mirror image stencils.

Sponge painted stencils
Sponge painted stencils
Applying body stencils

Body stencils can be supplied in semi-transparent or a specially developed hypoallergenic sticky-back film.

Secure to the body while paint or ink is sprayed, painted. Build up colour with repeated applications as it is easy to apply too much.

Hand painted stencils
Hand painted stencils
Intricate bodyart designs

Although this intricate design looks hand-painted it is in fact achieved with clever use of body stencils and airbrush.

We can make single and multi-layer stencils which allow you to create depth and dimension with careful use of colour.

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Which material?

  • For most body art we advise creamy semi-transparent 125 micron (0.125mm) polyester film.
  • Some designs may warrant a sticky-back 75 micron. (0.075mm) for ease of application and others no adhesive where a base make up has previously been applied.
  • We can also make nail stencils in paint mask, a sticky back vinyl and in a thicker grade plastic for hair paddle stencils.


Size and quantity?

  • We can help develop a range with you for retail and sized for male and female models, ranging from small, medium, large, extra-large.
  • We can supply your designs individually or altogether on larger sheets as a set on one sheet.
  • Trial designs can be sampled and tested before manufacturing volume bulk orders of one or multiple designs.


Need some advice?

  • For best results make sure the skin is clean and dry (use isopropyl alcohol).
  • If you are using the same stencil over many applications, we recommend extra copies to speed up the process and lessen paint build up.
  • If you need to know more about body art temporary tattoo stencils, need advice on body, hair or nail application or are ready to order – contact us now.


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