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Seasonal Spotlight: Laser cut vinyl snowflakes

Seasonal Spotlight: Laser cut vinyl snowflakes

“Stuck for an idea” for your retail or corporate Christmas window displays?

We produce adhesive backed vinyl manifestations as a really easy way to get your Christmas campaigns/promotions across.  The frosted effect vinyl works well with snowflakes, trees, logo branding and lettering designs.

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'lasercutit' is the MD and genius heading up her team of talented creatives. We have skills, experience and expertise in all things laser cutting and stencils.

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About LCS

A UK laser cutting company - we are laser cut stencil manufacturers and our team will take care of all your custom cutting and laser cut stencil needs. From initial contact, we give advice on suitable stencil and laser cutting materials.
We make all manner of custom stencils for walls, logo branding clean graffiti advertising and cappuccino coffee stencils.
We laser cut fabric, textiles, materials, paper, card, Perspex, wood and MDF.

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We work with industry, commerce, retail, media, advertising agencies, fashion designers, TV, film, theatre and the music industry amongst others.

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