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Stencils for equipment marking


Equipment identification stencils made in Polyester film

Stencil Flight Case Equipment Marking

Clyde Productions, the Scottish based events business, approached us to produce stencils for their sound, light and stage technology equipment. The equipment flight cases are used by them and their varied clients for the following: product launch, intimate party, rock gig, outside broadcasts, concerts, disco or roadshow.

Industrial Stencils and construction stencils are an easy and cost effective way of marking various surfaces and are also an alternative to magnetic, metal and steel stencils. The benefits of using a stencil as opposed to stick on vinyl are that you only have to buy one stencil. Once you have your stencil, you can keep re-using it without having any more expense. Because paint is used in conjunction with stencils, the marking becomes more permanent, which also acts as a deterrent on marked products.

We provide marking stencils for the following applications: Pallets, boxes, bags and cases
Industrial machinery, equipment, tools for company identification
Telephone numbers and advertising on skips and pallets
Container transport, shipping and airline safety signs and interior signage for warehouse floor marking