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We take any design, message or wording and make stencils for your beautiful baking. We designed these cupcakes to celebrate and welcome the Royal Baby to the world. Use our cake stencils with cocoa, icing sugar, as a template for Royal icing, airbrushing and colouring. Let’s have a party!


Wadworth & Co. Ltd, the renowned English brewery, contacted us wanting to produce a corporate branding stencil with their logo that could be used to decorate the top of cappuccino coffees, biscuits and cakes. Logo branding is created by sprinkling cocoa through the stencil, directly onto frothy milk. Coffee stencils can also be used with icing sugar, sprinkled onto bakery products or even better, mince pies. Wadworth used their 6X brand stencils as part of their corporate Christmas celebrations.


We have produced various branding stencils for many of the UK’s most prestigious brands; Jameson, Glengoyne, Bruichladdich and Fettercairn to name a few.

We make various stencils for the whisky trade; unique whiskey cask barrel stencils, chalkboard stencils, signage and identification marking stencils and for another national drink - cappuccino promotion stencils.


Starbucks is the world’s largest chain of coffee shops. Their agency, Paperhat Consulting, contacted Laser Cutting Services wanting us to work on corporate branding for the Daily Offering Chalkboards, as displayed at counters throughout the UK and north west and all Starbucks outlets worldwide. Artwork was supplied for this Winter Campaign, we have also worked with these clients where we interpret the logo and submit design options.


The Graphic Design Department on “BBC Investigates”, a cutting edge current affairs programme on BBC1, approached us regarding us creating a Perspex film prop to be back-lit, illuminated and filmed as the series intro. Perspex acrylic is also used by model makers, product designers, architects, sculptors and sign makers.


Artists and Designers, Anett Forsyth and Merlin Currie of LX Arts, approached us recently for various laser cut perspex panels. These were to be used as an integral part of the public art installation to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Falkirk Wheel.

We laser cut and laser engraved 12 designs for the project, on frosted, coloured perspex, using designs inspired by local school children.


Earache Records contacted us regarding RIVAL SONS new album, "Head Down". (Released September 17)

Stencils were produced by translating the original artwork ready for laser cutting. Each member of the band produced their own Limited Edition Stencil Art to be sold with the exclusive 12” vinyl pack. Stencils were sprayed onto art card to produce artwork of the highest quality.


Eastside Projects invited artists to design images to be stencilled and baked onto Loaf of Stritchley loaves and sold at their London gallery. Eastside Projects, Gavin Wade commented 'A challenging but enjoyable project with the end result being nothing short of fabulous!'

royal baby

Royal Cupcakes for worldwide celebration

NEW BABY cupcake stencils


cappuccino coffee stencils

Flexible and re-useable coffee stencils

For strong branding visual impact.


coffee chain chalkboard

Flexible and re-useable coffee stencils

Logo impact with a chalkboard stencil.


perspex display panel

Acrylic Perspex lasercut lettering

The BBC film prop for a series intro.


bakery stencils

Stencilled bread was sold in London and Birmingham

Lasercut stencils for loaves.


whisky trade stencils

Laser cut whisky stencils

Instant brand image.


public art

Accurate laser cutting for perfect alignment with the other key components in this perspex laser cut project

Perspex panels at the Falkirk Wheel.


laser cut labels

Laser cutting card for garment labels, invitations, promotions and advertising

Brand logo laser cut card for swing tickets.


text message stencils

Reusable polyester film stencils

Text message cappuccino stencils.


fashion label logo

Flexible and re-useable coffee stencils

Logo branding stencil spray painted.


album promotion

Stencilled artwork for rock band album cover

Stencil artwork promo for Rock band.


laser cut glasses

Laser cut glasses commissioned by model  making company in collaboration with Gary Go Production team

Polyester film replica Gary Go glasses.


chalk spray logo

Nike graffiti stencils on Wimbledon lawn, London

Spray paint stencils for Faldo Golf Course.


Logos and Branding; Custom Laser Cutting (bespoke) UK

We undertake special bespoke commissions for individual custom made laser cutting projects, such as large wall stencils, corporate business logo stencil designs, promotional indoor and outdoor events, marketing stencils for media industries and greeting cards. We can laser cut the following specialist products:

Branded Cappuccino stencils
Brand labels/tags for the fashion or retail industries in card, fabric or various option materials.

Whatever your logo or branding requirement - we can produce stencils or laser cutting in any of our areas of expertise; large, industrial, signage, street, bodyart, paper and card products or fashion.

Contact our design team who can work with you on your custom logo, branding or cappuccino stencil requirements.